Tuesday, July 20, 2010

An e-mail from food himself.

So you think you have this whole weight loss game figured out huh? You think you’ve mastered calories and killed the cravings? You think you can overcome me? You think you have the strength to take down your biggest nemesis and your best friend at the same time. Think again Joe, you don’t know sh*t.

See you at lunch time,
Food (especially the sugary, greasy, fatty kind)

This is an e-mail I got today from my good friend/arch enemy, food. It loves to do this to me. It knocks me down and picks me up. It is there in good times and bad. It comforts me and is literally killing me.

I have publicly (remember the weekly weigh-ins that lasted 2 weeks?) and privately vowed to lose my remaining weight. I have set goals and made plans and drawn up excel spreadsheets to track my loss. Except for whatever reason I have abandoned them. I made the choice to take the easy route or should I say the more delicious route. It was a poor choice.

Right now I am at 255 pounds. About 30 pounds more than I was last October. I am struggling to deal with my food issues. I try to rationalize it by saying to myself, “Self, you are just a big guy, you always have been.” And food is laughing at me, mocking me, saying yeah sure, you are “big-boned.”

I turn 30 next week. Yeah I know, people say, you are just a baby. But hey 30 is big deal. I have played it off like it wasn’t. I told my wife when she turned 30 that it is just a number, it doesn’t mean anything. I think I was wrong. It does mean something. It means your twenties are gone. It means that you are no longer viewed as a kid anymore.

That said, I have taken a new lease on life. I finished my degree in management. I have started appreciating my family and stopped taking them for granted. I am enjoying life. I love my life. I would just love it a lot more if there was less of me (about 70 pounds less).

People who have never been overweight will not understand that. That is why I love writing this blog and reading Sean Anderson, and Tony, and Jack Sh*t and numerous others. They understand my plight. They get that e-mail from food daily.

I am humbled and appreciative of everything I have. I just recently got promoted to a new position at Buca Di Beppo. I am the new Assistant General Manager. I worked my way up from Wait Assistant (which is somewhat of a busboy/bread/drink fetcher hybrid.) I am very proud of this accomplishment. I am going to be successful for I am good leader. I am very level headed and I am passionate about taking care of my customers and employees.

Now I have to be as passionate about taking care of myself. I am confident in myself and I have a wonderful support system. My wife, Rachel, is a role model to me. I look up to her. I have written about her before, she is such an amazing individual. I will do this not only for me, but for her too. She deserves my very best, and she will get it.