Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday Weigh in 6/07/2010

260.5 lbs.... Headed in the right direction.

A 4 pound loss isn't too shabby, and sure as hell beats a one pound loss.
I put a lot more effort into my food intake, though I should still take it easy on the pretzels. Low fat and low calorie, but full of enriched flour and carbs, so that will be my focus this week, cutting those delicious salty, crunchy snacks.
I even made it to the gym and ran outside. A pretty solid week.
Onward to 200 or bust!

Non related weight loss thought of the week.

How the hell would we ever have an oil shortage when that one leak is filling up the whole Gulf of Mexico with the black gold? Can we all agree that we are done with oil? 2 wars, Sarah Palin talking, and a ginormous oil leak in the gulf. All four, very bad things for this country.


  1. Congrats on the are back in business.

  2. Great weigh in my friend!

    About the Yankees shirt---I was also thinking of you when I posted that---My uncle "busted" me last night...

    Forgive! It was a gift--ya know---I had to wear it---and strictly as a shirt---I love it!!


    I must invest in some Royals gear!

    You're awesome Joe,