Thursday, February 25, 2010

Trolley Run 2010! The IncrediBella’s!!!

Think you can beat a former (and still a little bit) fat guy in a four mile race? Only one way to find out.

Hola blogland. It’s that time of year again. Kansas City’s Trolley Run 2010, a four mile jaunt through the Brookside District of Kansas City to the Country Club Plaza. Rach and I are running this year and I invite everyone to join us. This is the largest fundraiser that my daughter’s school, The Children Center for the Visually Impaired, does all year. This is a very important event for the school as it helps support the school and the wonderful services they provide for my daughter and all the children that attend. I’ve shared Bella’s story before, and CCVI has helped her grow tremendously in physical, mental, and emotional capacities. We will never be able to re-pay our debt to this organization so I am asking everyone that reads (all 15 of you) to consider running or jogging or walking alongside of us or donating a small or large amount to a great cause.

A few fun facts about the Trolley Run
  • Largest timed 4-mile run in the United States
  • Since 1998, Home of Men’s 4-mile U.S. best
  • Since 1999, Home of Men’s Masters 4-mile U.S. best
  • Since 2001, Home of Women’s 4-mile Course record and American record

The IncrediBella’s Fundraiser Page is located here…and here… and in case you missed it here
Our team name if you haven’t guessed is The IncrediBella’s* (pretty clever, eh? see what I did there, instead of the Incredibles, oh nevermind I’m sure you get it) and the website is pretty easy to navigate so donating or signing up to run is a breeze.

*We had two other team names picked out, the first “CinderBella and the Pumpkins” and the second more racier one “C.P., P.V.L., C.V.I., WTF?”, but decided The IncrediBella’s was the clear cut winner

Thank you so much for all your support. I hope that we will see some of you there (Scott S., I'm talking to you, you hear me?) April 25.