Tuesday, January 5, 2010

1 Year, 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days, 8,760 hours

January 5th 2009- 345 pounds
January 5th 2010- 233 pounds

I took a bit of a hit during the holidays, but I have still have accomplished so much. I finally started weight training and I hope to be down below 200 by April 19, 2010. Why, you ask? We are taking a nice family vacation to the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. There is an indoor water park at our resort so it'll be best for all sighted people if I get down below that 200 mark.

I need to focus on about 2.5 pounds a week and I will be good to go.

I read a blog written by The Kansas City Star's Sam Mellinger yesterday that touched me, for I am an animal lover. And he is 100% right. This dog was treated so bad, so brutally, but he perservered and overcame.

"Fletch's is the face of resilience, and of inspiration. He's a dog at the Humane Society, and a former bait dog -- which is exactly what it sounds like. His lips and part of his mouth are still mangled and scarred from the abuse. Much of his face is damaged, maybe forever. It's sickening. It's heartbreaking. And it's inspiring. The first time we met he walked right up and seemed happy enough to let a complete stranger take him out and rub his head and ears and neck. He wagged his tail and played a little fetch before he got too cold and wanted to go back inside. Once there, he rubbed up next to me for some more love. It's impossible to imagine how horrible his old life was, where he was kept alive only to be attacked and abused and pushed close to death. There are crimes that do more damage to society than animal abuse, but people capable of inflicting this kind of torture are among the worst kind of human beings. Some dogs never come back from this kind of abuse. They become permanately incapable of interracting with people or other dogs, either paralyzed by fear or jumpy to fight anything close. So to see Fletch now, relatively happy and open to new people, is incredibly cool. If it's possible to be inspired by and look up to a dog, that's me. What will I ever go through worse than what he's already beaten?"


  1. A-maz-ing progress in one year! Pat yourself on the back, keep your chin up and I'm sure all sighted people will be safe in April.

  2. What a fantastic year my friend!! Oh my, a water park---scares me at the thought. But for you, you can do this! You're lookin' great and by then you'll be rockin' even more. You inspire me my friend.

    As i struggle to make an honest consistent effort in the weight room...I remind myself---and you---that consistency is key. We must be consistent. That's why we've lost so much weight---and that's what will get us to our fitness goals.
    My best always Joe,

  3. Get cracking! You don't want to get stuck in a water tube come April...

  4. Good job man. Keep up the good work.

  5. Hi Joe,
    My wife and I are the current parents of Fletch. We just lost Fletch's best friend Petunia 2 days ago, she was 13 years old, my wife adopted her as a puppy, she became ill and was suffering. We did the hardest thing we have ever had to do and let her go.

    So, for some reason I decided to see if there were images of her out there in cyberspace and found a couple. Then I searched for images of Fletch and found your blog.

    We adopted Fletch almost 2 years ago from the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City. My wife was volunteering there between jobs and I knew she would find a dog that she would want to bring home. Sadly, the breed restrictions in Overland Park kept us from adopting Fletch. But, since my wife was looking for a new job in Texas we were able to adopt Fletch the day we moved to Dallas.

    He has been a great addition to our family. He and Petunia did everything together. I know he misses her too. He was a bit challenging at times, he loves to chew. It took us a little while to get him to only chew approved toys. But, he has adjusted well.