Monday, December 21, 2009

Why Em See A

Rach and I joined the YMCA this weekend and proceeded to do our first workout together in a long while. We jumped on the old treadmill, ran two miles and then we hit the weights, or should I say weight machines? I guess I have not been to a gym in a while. I couldn’t tell the difference between the leg press and the paint scaffolding.* Anyway we muddled our way through a variety of lifts for our bis, tris, quads, calves, chest, and lats (I can’t be 100% certain, but I’m pretty sure I don’t have lats)
*This joke is borrowed from comedian Brian Regan who tells it way better, well of course he does
That was yesterday morning and today… whew... my body aches. But it is a good ache. An ache of accomplishment. (ain't alliteration awesome) I really enjoyed working out and was proud of myself for not being intimidated as I know I would have been just a year ago. Other than my appearance that has to be one of the biggest changes in my weight loss journey. I never really enjoyed going to the gym as I hated being looked at like the fat guy and I always felt like everyone was staring and laughing. I know they weren’t, not at all, but my self image and feeling of self worth held me back. I’m still working through, but the improvement is drastic. Yesterday I felt like I belonged. I'm off the sidelines and in the game baby!
My plan is to get out of bed at 5:30 ish every morning and go workout. Rach is going to go after I get home from work (which I have scaled back on big time, just weekends for the p/t job now)
Wish me luck…I just hope I do not take a hammer to my alarm clock in the morning.

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  1. The Y is awesome and I bet you have a really nice one in KC!!

    It is a really good sore, huh? Nice.

    My best always