Thursday, September 17, 2009

Diet Mountain Dew Makes Me Phat and a Marathon?

Water, water, water… I know, but dang did I used to love me some Mountain Dew. Back in the day, my brother and I would go through a case in 24 hours. I kid you not. Yes that is 170 calories for each can. Let’s just say I drank at least 12 cans a day (I say at least because that is probably an underestimate) and that is a whopping, monstrous, unbelievably gargantuan, Godzilla sized, grand total of 2040 calories a day. Um yeah, you don’t get to 345 pounds drinking water.

So early on in my journey I swore off soda completely. I drank only water and juice. Just recently have I discovered the joy of Diet Mountain Dew. I used to turn my nose up to diet soda because well it was gross. But now, Diet Mountain Dew gives me a nice dose of caffeine (which may or may not be bad for me, I mean they put it in pain medicine right?) and it really helps with any sweet craving that I have. I absolutely love it. So here’s to Diet Mountain Dew, the soda with all the kick and zero calories.

While I’m on the subject of weight loss, my wife Rachel, announced that she wants to run a marathon next year. Whoa, 26.2 miles. Sounds painful, but you know what, I am 100% behind her and I am willing to do it with her. The challenge intrigues me and I know if we set our minds to doing it there will be no stopping us. We typically run about 2 miles most nights anyway so what’s another 24? Uh… a lot. But it’s a journey that I want to take with my wife and I feel that it will help us strengthen our already very tight bond.

I weighed in at 226 pounds today so I have regained my momentum on the scale. And yes I do weigh everyday and every night. I know it’s not really healthy for me to do that, but I am sort of a scale junkie. If my scale broke you might find me at the nearest highway weigh station to satisfy my craving. For some reason it drives and motivates me. Maybe someday I can break that damn scale Office Space style and finally free myself. Until then, I keep plenty of 9-volt batteries on hand.


  1. I can run 26 miles... just not all at one time.

    I wouldn't max out on the Diet MD like you did the regular stuff. The sugar-substitute in there isn't great for the diet. Plus, the caffeine is hell on your cardio health.

  2. Ruuuuuunnnnnn! I love the marathon distance - I've done 4 and don't know if I'll do anymore but I was a whole lot older than you guys when I started. Get the right training program and you'll be good to go. I can give you recommendations if you want.

    Need some more inspiration? See my blog today :-)

  3. I forgot to say that I SWEAR I think there's something addicting in Mountain Dew. People who love it can't seem to ever drink enough of it.

  4. I remember when we started dating I would come into your front room with the glass coffee tables and see your pyramids of Mt. Dew cans. Gross! Never liked that stuff, nor understood how you guys could drink so much of it and I would grab the trash can and clean it up. Ha The first time you seen the shrine to the Dew removed, I thought you were going to cry.

    So we can totally do this marathon thing right? How hard can it be? I do think I will need you along with me for this journey.

    I am going to hide that damn scale one of these days and not allow you to weigh until a whole week has went by. Oh man, you'd just sh*t yourself. Okay so I'm not that evil...then again.

  5. I hear ya JS. I try to limit my DMT to 2 or 3 a week, but man oh man is it a tasty treat.

    I really liked the blog Helen. Pete sounds like a ripper. Mountain Dew addictive? I wouldn't be surprised in crack was the secret ingredient.

    The shrine to the Dew was a beautiful, glorious centerpiece that pulled the room together. When it was gone I missed it and I did cry, just a bit.

    Marathon, schmarathon. We got this thing.

    You had better not touch my scale. I will put your toothbrush in toilet...

  6. That's it buddy, you touch the toothbrush, the scale will die a long slow death and maybe your Kashi cereal will be given to the birds. You don't wanna play with me baby.