Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July struggles...

Weight loss can be frustrating. Losing 2 pounds in three weeks can be maddening.
But I'm still committed and will be south of 200 soon. Sub 200 by October 1st!
Joe, how are you going to lose 36 pounds in 2 months? That's a great question, I'm so glad you asked. Let me tell you.
#1)Believing in myself and knowing that I am worth it.
#2)Continue to make good, no, great food choices every day.
#3)Exercise. Exercise. Exercise.
Bow Flex Strength Training


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The transformation.

My heaviest weight EVER...

1/5/2009 345 Pounds

1/12/09 325 lbs (20)

1/19/09 319.5 lbs (25.5)

1/26/09 312 lbs (33)

2/2/09 312 lbs (33)

2/9/09 303.5 lbs (41.5)

2/16/09 301 lbs (44)

2/23/09 293.5 (51.5)

3/2/09 290 lbs (55)

3/9/09 286 lbs (59)

3/16/09 281.5 lbs (63.5)

3/23/09 274.5 lbs (70.5)

3/30/09 272.5 lbs (72.5)

4/13/09 270 lbs (75)

4/20/09 268 lbs (77)

4/27/09 264.5 lbs (80.5)

6/13/09 244 lbs (101)

And for my most recent picture taken with a fairly crappy cell phone which helps explain the wonderful color.

7/15/09 235 lbs (110)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Vacation weight doesn't really count....right?

So.... just got back from my 5 day/4 night fun filled family vacation in Branson and I have to admit... I had a fantastic time. It was way better than the last time we went in 2006. The weather was beautiful, and the food, well the food was amazing. Bella acted like such a big girl making me so proud. She was a model child and I couldn't have asked any more from a three year old. Now Remi on the other hand was your typical whiny 1 year old who probably thought vacation really sucked. He managed to trip and fall so much that he looked like he went 12 rounds with Mike Tyson. His poor little nose and mouth just got busted up. This on top of his tonsillitis diagnosis the day before we left and my little Rem Dog had a rough go at it. Let's just say he was happy to get home.

First thing we did was visit Butterfly World while we were waiting for our resort to get our room ready for check-in.* I was not impressed with BW at all. Talk about a snoozefest and for $18 bucks a pop I was hoping the butterflies would at least perform circus tricks or something. On Saturday we went to Predator World, which in my opinion was the coolest place we visited. We got to see the Black Mamba which is one the worlds most dangerous and deadly snakes. Rach and I fed sharks and a sea turtle and I fed some stings rays. The highlight of Predator World had to be seeing the tigers get fed. The tigers there were beautiful. They had 3 Bengal tigers and 2 white tigers. It was amazing to see them eat. One day we went to Moonshine Beach on Table Rock Lake and let Bella and Remi swim in the lake and play on the beach. They loved it. Bella did so good swimming and Remi is quite the ladies man.

*How in the world can check-out be at 10:00am and they cannot have a room ready until 4:00pm? That's ridiculous. Oh and memo to The French Quarter Resort.. when someone calls a week ahead of time to reserve the crib for their one year old, don't give it to someone else. Remi did not make a very good sleeping partner.

Rach and I threw caution to the wind and ate anything and everything our hearts desired. Let's see; Chinese Buffet, check... Chicken Fried Steak, check... Mexican Food (twice), check... Fat Burger, check... Blackberry Cobbler, check... Brownie Fudge Sundae, check... Ben and Jerry's Seven Layer Coconut Bar Ice Cream (should have had this every day), check...

So as you can see we did our fair share of eating, and it did taste really good especially the Ben & Jerry's, man that was good. But you know what? It made me feel awful. It made me tired and lazy and just downright lethargic. My stomach hurt a lot and I just didn't feel as good as I usually do. I like eating healthy. I really do. I feel better and I have more energy when I avoid all the bad foods that are loaded with sugar and fat. Plus whilst on vacation I managed to gain five pounds in five days. Do the math and that's one pound a day! No can do. Not I. I ain't never going to weigh 300 pounds again. NEVER! Basically I figure that I need to eat healthy oh 90% of the time and I should be just fine.

On a non-vacation related topic, my brother purchased the Power 90 DVD set and is going to let me borrow them. I plan on doing it religiously for the 90 days. I am going to take pics at day 1, 30, 60, & 90. I will post my first pics at Day 30.

Me in 90 days?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's time for a Family Vacation!

In a couple of days myself, Rachel, Bella, and Remi are heading down to the big town of Branson for a few days of rest and relaxation.* We are staying 5 days/ 4 nights in a two bedroom condo with a nice location on the strip. First off I know what you are thinking. Branson? Really?

I'll be the first to admit that the Branson Bible Beating style ain't quite my thing, but it is a place that #1 we can drive to and #2 has many attractions that will be fun with the little ones. Bella and Remi are at really fun ages; 3 1/2 and 1 and thrive in the go..go..go.. atmosphere. As anyone with small children can attest to, our itinerary is not set in stone. We know that we are going to go to Predator World to see snakes, crocodiles, tigers, bears, and sharks. I want to go to Ripleys Believe It or Not because well all that weird stuff fascinates me. And we are kicking around the idea of taking a day trip to Turpentine Creek in Arkansas to visit the animal rescue sanctuary.

*I hope for rest and relaxation but we could quite possibly experience the opposite. Bella has been sleeping in a big girl bed now for about two months and doing very well at it. Hopefully she will make a smooth transition to the big girl bed in another place altogether. we have called and Remi is going to be provided a play pen to sleep in so please wish us luck that we do indeed get some rest and relaxation.

Before I met Rach I NEVER went on a vacation. I wasn't sure what that even was. In the last 9 years we have been to Florida, California, Mexico, & Maine. I love taking vacations now. It is a time for release from everyday life. No money worries, no work stress, no dieting (and by no dieting I mean butter, gravy, sugar, deep fried lard, bacon, ice cream, gravy, wait I already said gravy... on everything...) no traffic, no school, no worries whatsoever.* This will be our first vacation since August if 2006 when we went to well, Branson. I know it seems like a theme but I'm thinking California next year. The point is vacation is a time to unwind and spend time with the ones you love. I can't wait to load up the car on Friday morning and get on the highway. It may be just Branson, but it's going to be a blast!

*Now the day after I get back it's back to hard core triathlon training.