Saturday, June 13, 2009

100 Down!

My name is Joe and I've lost 100 pounds. Holy cow! I have been posting pictures and blogs at myspace but I have decided to start writing on this site. I was drawn here when Joe Posnanski, a sports columnist for The Kansas City Star and in my humble opinion the best sports writer in America wrote a blog talking about his brother Tony, aka The Anti Jared. Here is a man that weighed 420 pounds and had the motivation, determination, and discipline to lose over 200 pounds. I was floored. When I began reading his posts I felt an instant connection as I started out weighing 345 lbs. This was me on 1-5-2009.

Much like Tony I have changed my life. I now weigh 244 and my goal weight is 180.* I have also read many of the weight loss blogs that have been followers or commenters of the Anti Jared and I feel a sense of understanding. I too know the rigors and struggles of being overweight and if I can make the change anyone can.

*180 is my goal weight simply because it sounds like a nice round number. In all actuality I will let my body decide what my ideal weight is. Maybe it's 200 or maybe it's 170. I will know when i get there

Five months in and I'm down 101 pounds. How low can I go? Only time will tell.

This is me at 244.

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  1. I think you look amazing!!! Keep up all the great work. And please keep running, it is so sexy :)